Greener Shipping Summit 2018


Tuesday, November 13, 2018 – Eugenides Foundation

Organised by Newsfront / Naftiliaki – Under the auspices of MARTECMA



Session 1 - Total Emissions

Keynote speaker
  George Gratsos, Chairman, HELMEPA
  George Gratsos.pdf

• Total Emissions
  Stavros Hatzigrigoris, Managing Director, Maran Gas Maritime; Chairman, MARTECMA
  Stavros Hatzigrigoris.pdf

• Ready for everything: The challenges on vessels design in relation to 2020/2050 emission requirements
  Manos MigadisNewbuilding Manager, Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd
  Manos Migadis.pdf


Session 2 - TIER III, SOx scrubbers, LNG as fuel

• Knowing engine performance
  Beat Güttinger, Head of Tekomar, ABB Turbo Systems Ltd
  Beat Güttinger.pdf

• The world's smallest SOx removal cyclone scrubber
  Masuaki Takashima, Manager, Fuji Electric Co Ltd
  Masuaki Takashima.pdf

• EGCS retrofitting to cut air emission
  Emanuele Gariboldi, Managing Director, Ecospray Technologies srl, Carnival Corporation & plc
  Emanuele Gariboldi.pdf

• ME-GI engines and the service experience
  Peter Quaade, Manager, Head of ME and Dual Fuel group, MAN Energy Solutions
  Peter Quaade.pdf

• LNG-carriers & LNG-fuelled ships propelled by low speed dual X-DF engines - A Technology @ Experience review
  Volkmar Galke, General Manager, Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd
  Volkmar Galke.pdf

• Scrubber investment payback
  John Cotzias, Projects & Finance, Xclusive Shipbrokers Inc
  John Cotzias.pdf


Session 3 - 2020 fuels

• 2020 Fuel Availability and Quality
  Bill Stamatopoulos, Business Development Manager, Bureau Veritas VeriFuel
  Bill Stamatopoulos.pdf

• LGIP (Liquid Gas Injection Propane) engines for new buildings
  Michael Jeppesen, Promotion Manager, MAN Energy Solutions
  Michael Jeppesen.pdf

• Fuel Additives - 2020 and moving forward
  Stephen Burak, Senior Marketing Manager, Drew Marine
  Stephen Burak.pdf

• Trends in evironmental lubricant technology
  Mike Guggenheimer, President & CEO, RSC Bio Solutions
  Mike Gugenheimer.pdf

• Future proof of LNG as marine fuel
  Antonis Trakakis, Technical Manager, Arista Shipping; Chief Technology Officer, Project Forward
  Antonis Trakakis.pdf

• LPG as a fuel in the new de-carbonization era
  Kostas Vlachos, COO, Consolidated Marine Management Inc
  Kostas Vlachos.pdf


Session 4 - The future 2030-2050

• Removing the Complexity and reducing the cost of Compliance and Reporting
  Nancy Chrysanthopoulou, Country Manager, Pole Star Space Applications Ltd
  David Watts, Global Commercial Manager, Pole Star Applications Ltd
  Nancy Chrysanthopoulou - David Watts.pdf

• Carbon footprint to 2050
  Nikolaos Ventikos, Associate Professor, Laboratory for Maritime Transport, National Technical University of Athens
  Nikolaos Ventikos.pdf

• Technologies to meet 2050 carbon footprint
  Dionysios Antonopoulos, General Manager, Marine Solutions Sales, Wärtsilä Greece SA
  Dionysios Antonopoulos.pdf